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50 Years of communism left behind an economic mess in Romania and Moldova. For hundreds of thousands of decent families this resulted in absolute poverty. Unfortunately, there were only a few initiatives after the communist times, to really and structurally address this poverty.

Although Romania arrived in the EU in 2007, this poverty in the west remains virtually "unnoticed" and way too many families suffer every day because they do not even have the basis for a minimum livelihood. They live in broken-down houses, often without modern facilities such as water and electricity.

The prices of food, clothing, water and energy have risen sharply in recent years. The crisis that has been going on since 2009 also causes many bankruptcies and job losses in these countries.

The North East of Romania, when we talk about the term "poverty", is nicknamed "the black hole of Europe". The regions Vaslui, Iasi, Botosani, Suceava and Neamt show extremely high rates of poverty. Many families also suffer extreme poverty in former industrial cities in Moldova.

Because sufficient healthy food, heat and fresh water is lacking, the children remain small and malnourished. They are very susceptible to diseases and infections. Parents are completely discouraged by these unbearable circumstances. The unemployment benefit is far too low to pay for both food and energy costs. For them, every day is a confirmation of a hopeless situation.